Celebrate Digital Learning Day with Nearpod

February 4, 2022The Nearpod Team

February 22nd is Digital Learning Day!

Digital learning is the practice of using technology to enhance learning experiences. Teachers use technology regularly to transform learning in their classrooms. Digital Learning Day is the perfect reason to share how you’re using tech in your classroom, encourage colleagues to use your favorite ed-tech tools, or even try something new! 

We want to acknowledge how amazing it is that teachers have continued to learn everything they can about digital instruction to empower their students in so many different settings. You accomplished incredible things. Digital learning is entirely different now than it was two years ago. Our mindsets and tools have changed. Teachers mobilized to adapt to virtual instruction immediately and have continued to engage with students in new and meaningful ways despite the immense difficulties they faced. This year on Digital Learning Day, we are celebrating teachers most of all!

Here are our favorite ways to use Nearpod to celebrate Digital Learning Day!

1. Start simple with a virtual interactive activity

Even one activity can bring excitement. If you’re looking for a simple way to participate in Digital Learning Day, here are some ideas:

  • Place a Matching Pairs activity at the very beginning of your lesson. It’ll be the first thing your students see when they join the lesson, giving them something to work on immediately. This way, you can focus on getting all your students where they need to be, and the rest of the class gets a little game-based reward for being punctual.
  • Create a classroom discussions with a Collaborate Board activity. Students can share ideas to a larger audience as they begin their discovery on selected topics.
  • Have students show their creativity with Draw it. Allow them to express their thoughts using text, images, annotation, and highlighting.

2. Share your digital learning experience!

We want to hear about how digital learning has impacted you! Use one of our social media templates to share with your community and empower other teachers by sharing what you wish you had known before, what you know now, and a tip to help a fellow teacher related to digital learning.

However you’re celebrating Digital Learning Day, we want to hear about it! Tweet @nearpod using the hashtag #DLDay to share your experience with other educators and us.

Download templates to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

3. Practice good digital citizenship

Nearpod opens the door for digital learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Nearpod allows students to practice future-ready 21st-century skills. Teachers can empower students to reflect on their own digital learning experiences today by using one of our digital citizenship lessons. By teaching digital citizenship and literacy, we can enable students to think critically and participate safely, appropriately, and responsibly in the digital world.

4. Try Nearpod’s Whiteboard during a live lesson

Nearpod’s Whiteboard can be used during a live lesson to launch a virtual whiteboard any time in a lesson. This is one simple way to make your digital lessons and activities more interactive! Teachers can model for students or address a misconception on-the-fly, while students follow along. Anything you draw, write or type on the whiteboard will show up on a student’s device in real-time. For Digital Learning Day, you can use Whiteboard to model math problems or create a Venn Diagram live during a lesson.

5. Try a gamified quiz with Time to Climb

Ready to get your game on? Time to Climb is Nearpod’s gamified quiz that takes student engagement to the next level. With Time to Climb, students’ characters race to the top of a mountain and teachers surface formative assessment data at the same time.You can up the competition and engagement while you access and measure student understanding. Try a premade Time to Climb quiz from our standards-aligned content library or create one of your own within minutes!

6. Digital Learning Day Exclusive Webinar

Join our webinar on February 17th to learn how to quickly create a lesson in Nearpod that you will be able to share with your students on Digital Learning Day. Bring your PowerPoint, Google Slides, or just your imagination and lets walk step by step through making a short, effective Nearpod lesson.

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