Support students visualizing their futures with career readiness preparation

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Help students make informed decisions about their futures and develop decision-making skills.

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College and career exploration content with everything teachers love about Nearpod

Nearpod’s CCE curriculum is built into your school or district library, saving teachers time by keeping content on the same platform they’re already using to teach.

Access to experiences

Provide inclusive opportunities for students to make informed decisions, regardless of zip code.

Flexible curriculum

Embed college and career exploration into any setting, for all students.

Innovative technology

Leverage immersive VR to expose students to college and career opportunities.

Tap into Title IV or funding allocated by the Perkins Act to develop students’ well-rounded education.

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Lessons are aligned to fulfill state and national career pathway requirements and initiatives.

180+ Interactive Nearpod lessons for College & Career Explorations

Nearpod’s College & Career Explorations lesson collection explores college pathways and career clusters to support students with informed decisions about their futures.

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